2019.12.1 Update Restores a Usable Web Browser

On April 29th, my Model X, Pensive, updated its software to 2019.12.1.1. Unfortunately, the udpate came just after our road trip to Long Island and Manhattan, since the release enabled a couple of optimizations for Supercharging on long trips: supporting a higher 150kW charging rate, and priming the battery to be at its ideal temperature for charging upon arrival. The release notes talk about additional Atari games in the TeslAtari Easter egg (which I still haven't even launched). Also not particularly useful, but a logical addition, is a new software update section in the options menu.

Your Web browser has been updated to improve performance and security

Hidden deep in the change notes, mixed in with items from 2019.8.3 but ahead of the previous release notes section. This is the first version since the start of the year with a usable Web browser. Why is it important to have a usable Web browser in your car? I've wanted to check status of Chargepoint stations and wait lists, and this would have been much more convenient to do from the car. Unfortunately, input was incredibly lagged in recent versions of the Tesla software, and performance more generally was fairly poor for the Browser.


AutoSteer behaviour appears to be biased more than in the past by leading vehicles, akin to platooning. This can be beneficial, in that the car can take hints from vehicles in front of it if a road isn't clearly marked, but it also means that it can be more easily confused if the car in front is not going the same direction in which you want to go, and the roads aren't clearly lined. There's an intersection on my way home from work which has a large gap in the line; the road actually banks to the left with a T-intersection on its right. Previously AutoSteer would never know what to do at this intersection1. Under 2019.12.1, if the car in front is turning right, it follows that car off the main road and onto the intersecting road; if the car in front stays on the road, it'll follow it to the left where the road regains its lines.


Intersections like this one regularly confuse AutoPilot.

  1. alternatively, it would do as Jay-Z said, see a fork and go straight