Acknowledging the Due Bill

When I took delivery at the end of March, there were a couple of small issues that I was told wouldn't be addressed that day (specifically, a rivet for the back of the third-row seat needed about three weeks to arrive, was the story I was told). I'd expect to hear back from them around April 20th. Having not heard anything, I reached-out May 24th only to be told they couldn't find it, but the service department would reach out to the sales department and eMail me back the next day. Having not heard back, I followed-up on May 26th only to be told they had no record anywhere of it.


Fortunately, I had a copy that contained most of the items; and so I scanned this in at my earliest convenience (over a week later), and eMailed it back on June 15th. Today (the 17th), I got a response from another person asking for pictures of the items, but at least acknowledging the issues I raised. Oddly, he also included "Touchscreen Reboots" as something that should be resolved, which was not one of the issues I raised.