Always Fully Open At This Location

I banged my head on the passenger-side falcon wing doors twice taking out our infant carriers before realizing that the doors weren't opening fully. I verified they door height was set to auto, and the display even showed the option of deselecting to open fully at the given locations. This has happened both outside in the wide open, as well as in the garage where I usually park. The effect isn't the same as a "low" opening, as the upper hinge (with the car, i.e. the hinge shared with gull-wing doors) opens fully, but it does not extending the lower portion completely. There's no indication of an obstacle being detected in the central console, and holding the open icon allows the door to complete opening, so it's not clear to me why it isn't opening initially.

Sounds of Silence

When I first upgraded to 2018.42.2, it seemed as if the absent-sound issue was replaced with shorter, transient, issues. For those of you keeping track at home, both are still happening quite frequently.