Auto Opening Garage Door via HomeLink

As my Model X, Pensive, gets ready to go into its third servicing appointment (first appointment and second appointment), I've been trying to figure-out why the garage Auto-Open wasn't working. For the past few week's I've tried reprogramming the location, both from inside the garage and from outside the door, and it hasn't helped any. I tried extending and reducing the range for auto-opening/closing. The car seems to know when it's in range alright (it highlights the entry in green), but even when it displays a coutndown from 10ft to 5ft…it just stops. It doesn't count down further. Oddly, it even showed 50ft today as I was experimenting, even though that's way outside of the 20ft setting it had. Toggling gears (drive, neutral, reverse) seemed to reset calculations. Tapping the value caused the door to activate as expected.

Reading the preparatory eMail from the service center reminded me that this happened as soon as I got the car back from the service appointment (following my reprogramming, since they seem to as a rule to perform a factory reset) which makes me expect that this was something related to the service (either an issue with a newer version of the Tesla software, or something else that happened). It also shows, again, how superficially it seems that the service center reads any messages. She quoted my original message, which included a timestamp of the lock-ups from the day I submitted the appointment, yet asked for timestamps.

On Sat, Jan 26, 2019 at 09:11:58PM +0000, (Tesla) wrote:

Customer states the car continues to exhibit the driver dash and MCU freezing. States they are again freezing at the same time (a few minutes around 12:57 today, Dec 16, being the most recent). During this time, the auto-open function did not open the garage door, even as the customer approached, and eventually parked in front-of, the garage. Customer was able to change gear (although this was not represented in the display, as it was frozen), and the door opened via the handle. Exiting, opening the garage manually, and then re-entering the car it had unfrozen and now recognizing where it was, began closing the door. To re-iterate, the issue is that the MCU and dash continue to become non-responsive and "freeze". Customer states the "factory refresh" did not fix this during the first service, although customer did not drive it for long after this past service before allowing the software to upgrade. I know this was a concern of yours last month, I wanted to follow up and verify that this was still going on. Please let me know and my technician will begin looking into this concern again for you. Thank you and I hope you are enjoying your weekend,

Yes, this is still on-going. Oddly, I don't recall this happening on our recent trip to the Berkshires and back; but it had been a daily occurance for the past few weeks. As I was essentially driving 3 miles/10 minutes back-and-forth to pick-up my daughter at day care, and it locked-up for about 2 minutes each day, about 10% of my time driving the car up until this past weekend has had at least one (usually both) screens frozen.

I previously inquired whether this might be indicative of an issue of the real-time-clock being unable to hold time, as lately it appears to be happening most-often early in trips, and the time appears to be ahead of the actual time, with the display unfreezing as it catches-up (although previously it has happened later in trips, such as 30 minutes into driving on I90).

On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 06:09:51PM +0000, (Tesla) wrote:

Good afternoon Matt,

I am glad to hear that it is happening less, but we still want to resolve it if it is still happening.

Do you have any updated time stamps of this issue happening earlier in your drives? In order for us to look into this concern, we will need time stamps for the technician looking into it. It will be difficult for us to diagnose the vehicles problem unless by chance it happens for us on a road test with the vehicle.

What precision are you looking for on the timestamps? And is there any better way than just looking at the time on the display? Do you want the actual time (e.g. agreed-upon by other items synched via cell networks, NTP, or GPS) or the time displayed on the screen? Usually it unfreezes late in the minute of the time displayed on the screen, so it usually freezes a minute or two before that.

I mentioned in the portion you quoted 12:57 on December 16th. It also happened today at 16:45. This was a little later into the second drive today, probably about 15 minutes into the drive.

I think the auto-open (via homelink) function not working may be unrelated. This has been failing to work lately even after trying to reset the location, and may simply have not been working since I got the car back. The car recognizes that it's within range (the homelink button shows green, and it shows that it'll auto-open), but it never auto-opens. It does not show the "Skipping auto-close" either, sometimes it'll just stay at "auto-open in X ft"; switching gear at that point into neutral and back into gear has caused it to toggle between 10ft and 5ft or disappear, or re-appear. At one point it was saying 50ft until I switched gear again. Pressing the saved homelink door activates the door as expected.

On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 11:55:01PM +0000, (Tesla) wrote:

From what I can tell you were asking below, you are having issue with your HomeLink? This is something we can have you schedule a Mobile Service Appointment for. This is the best way to address anything with HomeLink since they can test the function, verify the concern and test upon completion of fixing it.

Let us know when you are in and we can schedule a day and time that best works with your schedule to have them look into that concern for you.

I'd be home tomorrow (Tuesday). The car is going in for service with you guys on Wednesday; based on past experience I then won't have it for a few days.

We will be sure to schedule a Mobile Service for you while you are in for service. They are booked out a few weeks so a Service Advisor can look at this with you and find a day that works best.

Thank you again and we will see you soon!

Completely unrelated, but I've been trying to figure-out: the falcon wing door sometimes doesn't open fully. The passenger door several times over the weekend (twice when parallel parking in a city) only opened partially despite no obstructions. Is it expected that tall buildings separated by a sidewalk would trigger the obstacle detection?

Sorry to pry for more information, we just want to make sure that we resolve this for you in a timely manner and could possibly diagnose it before having your vehicle on site to lessen the time it is with us at the service center.

Thank you for your help!

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