Easy Day Trip

While planning things to do with three kids is always far from trivial, I would propose the definition of an easy day trip to be someone specific, at least when it involves an electric vehicle.

Tesla suggests daily charging to no more than 90%, and their vehicles begin to go into power-saving mode when the state of charge drops below 20%. An easy day trip, then, I would propose is one which lets you stay within this range. If you plan to do any driving at destination, or side trips, the effective range you can cover is less, and with time spent in camping mode and additional energy usage, I'd actually budget no less than 65% charge. This is the EV equivalent of a tank-of-gas trip.

Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum

Today's Easy Day Trip was to the Springfield Museums, in Springfield Massachusetts. These are a collection of four museums, all located next to each other around a shared quad. The most recent is The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum, which opened in 2017, having replaced the Connecticut Valley Historical Museum,1 and also works as an easy day trip from the Berkshires.

Entrance to Dr. Seuss museum statue

Admission to the museums is shared, but the Dr. Seuss Museum requires a special entry slip, valid for a specific hour. Advice on the museum's Web site is to pre-reserve to ensure availability, but despite it being school break, we were able to pick-up entries for each of the remaining hours upon arrival (although we took the last of the noon slots when we bought our tickets at 12:05).

The museum was fun, albeit a tight fit as I managed the twins in the dual stroller. Each floor was accessible through a central elevator, although ingress and egress was sometimes hampered by tight waiting spaces, and the inevitable crowding of those waiting to get on. My three year old loved walking around and exploring, and interacting with some of the multimedia exhibits, despite not really being into Dr. Seuss yet; adults slightly older than us seemed to be just as excited by the exhibits, especially watching the older kids try and fiddle with an Underwood No. 5 typewriter.

bench in front of a wall casts of statues

Science Museum

We stopped into the science museum afterwards, because my daughter wanted to see the dinosaurs. While not as exciting or unique like the the Dr. Seuss museum, there's a lot for young kids to see here, including areas to learn about meteorites, continental drift, African tribes, and of course dinosaurs.

Science museum

T-Rex in a scarf

It was cold for ol' T-Rex

  1. The Connecticut Valley Historical Museum's collection has been rolled into the adjacent Springfield History museum.