Falcon Wing Doors: Current Status

During my first annual service appointment, Tesla replaced my key fob, which it had deduced as the cause of issues with my Model X, Pensive's doors. The doors had previously been opening incompletely and failing to close all of the way, if at all.

For the most part, the doors have been working fine since then. Occasionally the falcon wing doors don't seem to recognize the key fob press, and other times triple presses don't seem to close the doors. Release 2019.20.1 added a feature which alerted with a special honk when the doors failed to close. The failed triple presses have been tripping the failed-to-close-honks.

An unexplained behaviour

This weekend the honk sounded, but the doors seemed to close, and the car shut-down properly. When I went to open the driver-side falcon-wing-door, the key fob wasn't being recognized. Walking around the car, it turned-out that the door was slightly ajar. Pressing the handle on the door closed the door, after which it opened again.

A separate False Alarm

A while later, the doors refused to close; at least this failure case I think I understand. During the service appointment, I learned that the front door ultrasonic sensors are used by the falcon wing doors to detect lateral obstructions, rather than any sensors in or closer to the doors.

The doors could be closed from the central console by holding the close button to override. The physical buttons, both the red button and the pillar buttons, did not work. The neighboring vehicle owner returned while the door was opened and waited patiently while I got the door closed before getting his kids into their seats. Once the adjacent car had moved, the doors functioned normally again.