First Unpardonable Sin of the Model X

First Unpardonable Sin of the Model X

So far, my Model X, Pensive, had committed only venial sins.

Today, it has committed its first unpardonable sin: when my wife called, it wouldn't let me talk to her.

The phone call came, I answered, and my wife asked if I wanted her to pick-up take-out for dinner. After responding in the affirmative and waiting a few seconds, it became clear she couldn't hear me. I hung-up, called-back and the same thing happened. At this point, I was at my daughter's daycare, so I stopped the car and got her. Upon returning, I placed another call with the same issues, so I switched to speaker on the phone, which was a horrible compromise and cut the call short.

My first thougt was that maybe the mic or audio-input wasn't working, so I tried using voice navigation, and that worked fine. It seems that the issue is only with outoing bluetooth audio. This is not always the case either; sometimes the voice call works, and other times it does not; in a subsequent case I was even on a call that worked, which dropped due to coverage; and when I called back two minutes later, the outgoing-audio issue manifested itself.

I have not found exactly the same issue reported elsewhere, but there are reports of issues with iPhone X devies sounding garbled, which I am not experiencing, but similarly sounds inconsistent. Some people have indicated that their phone has issues after being used to connect to other devices (e.g. Apple AirPod earphones), while none of this seems to correlate in my experiences. Previously, I had an issue where no sound came out of the speakers, but that has not become a common reoccurrence.