How do I pay for this thing?

How do I pay for this thing? ============================ With a fortnight left in the month, I started looking into how to provide the remaining payment. Re-reading the FAQ, it looked like my inability to finalize documents on-line might be blocking my ability to pay by wire transfer or electronic fund transfer. Essentially, a plausible reading is that once I confirm everything on-line, I can access a payment module; but I cannot update or clear the trade-in module, which has been stuck at "preparing offer" since about February 5th. I also cannot finalize my insurance until I get a delivery date, so I cannot provide the updated insurance information.

After sending that eMail, I submitted two support requests via the Tesla Web site. The first was to inquire about eMail delivery issues. and had switched their public mail exchangers to ProofPoint as of March 1st, as one possible culprit why it seemed like my eMails might not be being received. I haven't received any response via this route (nor via attempts at reaching the Tesla postmaster).

The second support request I filed via the Web site was re-iterating the question I'd asked in my eMail, namely, how I might send the final payment via EFT or wire transfer as I could not access it on-line, and I could not correct fields required to finalize the documents according to the FAQ. The complex description of the situation apparently was confusing, and in return I got back the next day the same FAQ answer pasted, describing how one would normally answer the payment module, which I had referenced in my question.

Simplifying my question, I followed-up re-iterating that I had indicated that whileI had noted I would trade-in a vehicle, I no longer planned on doing so, and could not update this on the Web site. The uplifiting response on March 21st:

Thank you for reaching out to Tesla Inside Sales! I received your inquiry regarding removing a trade in on the pre-delivery checklist for the Model 3. I wanted to inform you that nothing is set in stone so when the delivery specialist reaches out to you, then we can remove that trade in from the paperwork.

So I was back to waiting on the DS to respond. The toll-free number included in the quote is only open during west-coast hours, so I called the Dedham service center and left a voicemail.