I Finally Have an Appointment to Take Delivery of my Tesla Model X

I've been increasingly anxious about taking delivery by end of month given my inability to get a delivery date or even talk with the person supposedly responsible for scheduling the delivery.

Fortunately, and a little surprisingly, today I got an eMail from my Owner Advisor, followed by a voicemail, saying that the Tesla portal had been updated with my trade-in successfully removed, and with delivery scheduled for Friday. Relieved that I'd finally gotten a delivery date, I Called the delivery department, and spoke to a person. I was surprised that it happened to actually be my OA; apparently the three Greater Boston locations (Waltham, Dedham, Natick) all rotate the same staff, and with the delivery teams trying to organize for the end-of-quarter delivery push, everybody was taking shifts at the Dedham and Waltham locations (Natick doesn't do delivery).