Lock-ups: Strike Two

The car continues to suffer from lock-ups, despite the recent service appointment. Just like the first appointment, the service center tried a factory reset, and similarly it did not resolve the problem. In addition to the windscreen seeming to be better, the audio issues continue to sound better. Nevertheless, having locked-up multiple times only days after the service appointment, I've scheduled a return service for late in January (nothing was available earlier than mid-January, but that time was less convenient).

The car continues to exhibit the driver dash and MCU freezing. They are again freezing at the same time (a few minutes around 12:57 today, Dec 16, being the most recent). During this time, the auto-open function did not open the garage door, even as we approached, and eventually parked in front-of, the garage. I was able to change gear (although this was not represented in the display, as it was frozen), and the door opened via the handle. Exiting, opening the garage manually, and then re-entering the car it had unfrozen and now recognizing where it was, began closing the door.

To re-iterate, the issue is that the MCU and dash continue to become non-responsive and "freeze". The "Factory Refresh" did not fix this during the first service, although I did not drive it for long after this past service before allowing the software to upgrade.