Model X Got Ran Over by a John Deere

Today, my car got hit by a John Deere. The John Deere and six year old were fine, although one of the rear deflectors popped-out. Fortunately, that was a quick fix to pop back-in. It did lead me to bring-up the issues with the wheel-trim not too long-ago with my host, which lead me to notice that once again, the wheel well had some misaligned pieces.

Most of my Model X–Pensive–'s, issues have been, or appeared to be, limited to software. The most persistent of those, the lock-ups, appears to have been deal with by the local modifications added at the previous service, and hasn't returned following the update to 2019.5.16, which presumably removed the local modification. This likewise seems to have fixed (once more) the HTML rendering, although occasionally the charging dialogue appears blank and needs to be closed and re-opened (which has been happening since upgrading to V9 and its new UI).

Yesterday at 13:42, there was some odd behaviour which I haven't yet reproduced. After loading the car (kids, wife, and luggage), and then getting into the driver's seat, the emergency flashers went on automatically but without any other indications of immediate issue (although this reminded me of some earlier behaviour. When I put the car into gear, it warned me that a seat was unlatched, even though I thought I'd moved it back to its fully latched spot. The oddest part of it was that it seemed to think it was fully unlatched, showing only the one arrow on the screen. Getting out, removing the car seat, unlatching the car seat (moving it forward) and then moving all the way back did succeed in clearing the warning.

Even the standard issue of doors not opening fully has had a new twist. Today, I tried opening the passenger gull wing to load my kids into the car. After the key fob failed to work, I tried pressing the handle of the door; and instead of opening, I heard the climate controls turn-off and the screens go off. A subsequent press a few seconds later brought the car back awake and opened the door, but only part way.