More on Autopilot 2018.26

I tend to drive on secondary roads more often than major highways, and a lot of my Autopilot testing reflects that, despite Tesla indicating that it was designed for access-controlled divided highways. I had even stopped using it on the occasions I was on an Interstate given the Autopilot experiences I had under 2018.21.9. With the car back from the shop, I gave it another go, and it was a much smoother and reliable experience.

However, at highway speeds, the direction to demonstrate your hands were on the wheel was incredibly distracting as it appeared every 0.2 miles, or every 10-11s when travelling with traffic. This meant that either you could manually jiggle the wheel regularly (more tiring than holding the wheel and driving without Autopilot) or you needed to watch for the message, which meant you could not reasonably be paying attention to the surroundings. Essentially, this leaves Autopilot as ineffective for what Tesla says is its primary use-case.