New Referral Program adds $500 Credit

We placed our order yesterday, after only four days since we first started looking at it1 as I had been convinced (told very strongly by the sales team) that Tesla would be ending the inclusion of free lifetime charging on purchases after January 31st.

Today, Tesla announced not only the continuation of the free Supercharging promotion for referred orders, but tacked-on a $500 credit if you are the first person to use a referral code. It's a little odd, but presumably this will spread-out the number of Tesla owners who are getting involved with referring people, as potential buyers try to find someone who hasn't yet used their referral code (and possibly doesn't even know what a referral code is). Since it's pretty easy to find several unused referral codes with a quick Web search (Tesla tells you how man referrals a code has so far), and Tesla gives you three days to cancel your order before it's finalized, I've been in contact with my salesperson (Owner Advisor in the Tesla tongue). Effectively, Tesla's penchant for rolling directly from one referral program into another is an incentive to place your order on the last possible day, allowing you to cancel and re-order under the new promo if it is better. Obviously, Tesla and its employees wants to discourage you from cancelling your order, and after a few back-and-forths, my OA sent me an eMail offering me the first two annual services (a $1,200 plan) in place of the $500 credit.

  1. well, with a time-window to buy; I've been watching it since it was announced about five years ago