New Windshield

The process of collecting my Model X was much smoother this time, that it was following my first service appointment. I was leaving the dentist in the late morning when I got the eMail notification that my car was ready, it provided their hours that day and the next, and there were no threats about charging me extra if I were late in retrieving my car. Unlike last time, where they kept pushing back my reception, I was given what proved to be fairly accurate estimates this time, up until I received an eMail the day before saying that they were done, and the car was just waiting in-line for its car wash.

I drove straight over, taking a slight detour on my way back to work. The drop-off was insane, The lot was overflowing with cars, a lot looked like they were not new, and Tesla employees were playing a constant game of Tetris trying to get cars to fit, but it's possible some were for delivery given the late date in the year, Tesla's ramp-up of Model 3s this quarter, and the push to deliver cars while the federal tax credit was in full effect.

After being directed to park, the first person to walk up to me when I walked into the service center was the Enterprise representative, who took back the keys for the loaner Nissan. Unlike last time I picked-up my car, I couldn't find it on the lot, but one of the Tesla employees got my paperwork, and I followed him outside to wait for my car. It turned-out it was still behind the service garage in a fenced-in lot, and it hadn't been washed. That was fine, except the windshield, which had just been replaced, was also incredibly dirty making verifying that the replacement was sufficient impossible.

Some of the questionable marks on the new windshield actually turned-out to be gunk on the inside of the windshield, which didn't reflect highly on the service. Looking around the cabin showed a number of smudges on the microfiber lining and a number of what appeared to be grease smudges which was irritating. There was something like glue on the outside of the window, but this washed away; fortunately the seal on the window did seem adequate.

Once more, Tesla claims to have resolved the system lock-ups by performing a factory reset. They also claim that the issues with my sound, (which date back to the first week of ownership were related to an "incomplete firmware installation", which should now be resolved as well. They replaced the wheel trim which had separated, but couldn't say why it had come off; they neglected to fully reattach the lining inside the cabin to the A-pillar.