No More Local Mods: 2019.5.16

My Model X, Pensive, finally updated its software version and is now running 2019.5.16, superseding the local modification made to fix my clock-syncing issue and its related lock-ups.

AutoPilot under 2019.5.16

The first software updates after taking delivery were consistent in making AutoPilot, specifically AutoSteer, more flexible and confident. It would be more aggressive with its adjustments and it would hold lanes longer without disabling AutoSteer. This trend appears to be reversing, as seen before with 2018.26 where the car is more likely to hand control back to the user without warning. It even seems to be doing this for very short (seconds of travel, or tens of yards) stretches where it is not confident of the lane. This is, admittedly, making it harder to keep track of what state the car is in without scanning from the road back to the dash as the state can change quickly.