Northeast Roads

If Northeast roads are famous for anything beyond the quality of our drivers, its pot holes and frost heaves. The Tesla Autosteering system consists of short-distance (8m) ultrasonic sensors, a forward facing radar, and video cameras. These systems are tuned for detection in the plane of the car, and in an ideal world mapping the ground beyond the road boundaries is wasted processing time.

In practice, a lot of driving is avoiding obstacles in the road. Items that have fallen off of the bed of a truck, coned-off hazards, and surface damage are just some of the things that a human would try to avoid when possible. Any car honouring Asimov's third law would need to take these obstacles into consideration (of course, Tesla hasn't yet taken the first two laws into consideration).

Service Update

I got a response back from Tesla support with roughly a week delay between submitting a request and getting a response right now via the Web site; I've not gotten a response via eMail, but that seems to be taking about twice as long recently. Their response, like most recently has been to bring it in for service, and said to do so via the Web site now. Looking, the earliest service appointment available is after Thanksgiving, so about 2.5 weeks out. The Web site form ran out of space as I tried to transfer the issues I had (and then lost new-lines, so it left it a jumble); when support scheduled the appointment last time though, the notes they left for the service center were not only incomplete, but confusing and misleading, so this ought to be a an improvement.

My last service appointment could have gone better (even beyond not fixing most of the issues and lack of promised communication). I'm trying to be optimistic about this visit.