On-going Problems

Back home, and with life with twin infants starting to normalize, I started to catch-up on my backlog of tasks; one of which was inquiring about the recent issue of my Model X, Pensive, trying to ram a cyclist and a couple of more recent issues. The more recent issues aren't actually new:

  • on August 23rd, there was no sound during the trip (first occurrence was four days after delivery).

  • on August 27th, the driver and central displays again locked-up.

Additionally on the August 23rd trip, Slacker wasn't connecting despite networking otherwise working (such as navigation). I don't know if this is coïncidental with the sound issue or related, but they both resolved themselves after parking and coming back to the car.

The MCU lock-up on the 27th has upgraded this behaviour from a mere annoyance to broaching on a safety issue. At the time, we were on the Interstate with Autopilot enabled, and following on-screen navigation. We only noticed the locked-screen when the car began beeping since it thought it had asked us to hold the wheel, and eventually the screen came back with the notice that Autopilot had been disabled for the remainder of the journey.

However, when I attempted to submit my inquiries, I received an error. The actual response from the HTTP request was:

Access Denied Reference Number: 18.c7b8ca41.1535516267.ca07cd4 If you believe this is in error, please contact waf@tesla.com

I sent an eMail to the address provided to inquire about next steps.

Open Letter

The following is what I had tried to submit, trimmed down to the 4000 character limit for a single submission (which unfortunately required eliminating the salutation and parenthetical clarifications):

I apologize for the delay in inquiring about these items, the first of which occurred the afternoon before our twins were delivered, and the final event yesterday on the way to a follow-up regarding complications. I hope you understand that the delay in my inquiry is related only to is relative level of urgency with those situations, and not any lack of importance for these issues.

The first two I expect have straight-forward answers, so I begin with them.

1) The afternoon of August 16th, while driving on a non-divided state highway with clear visibility, I began a passing manoeuvre around a bicyclist. As on-coming traffic appeared around a bend some ways up the road in the middle of this manoeuvre, the forward collision warning alerted (beeping and highlighting a car ahead). Mentally acknowledging its alert, and judging the distance adequate, I continued the manoeuvre, at which point the vehicle seemed to veer back into its lane (and towards the cyclist) on its own.

The vehicle was neither in "Autopilot" nor cruise-control modes (ostensibly under full human control). Pages 106-108 in the version of the Model X owner's manual which was provided to me upon purchase cover "Collision Avoidance Assist" which references emergency braking, but nowhere in these pages (nor subsequent release notes following software updates) have I seen reference to taking-over control of the steering in this situation.

Under what situations, with Autopilot disabled, does the car take over steering control? What options exist for managing or disabling the car's decision to take control away from its operator?

2) When I went to load our infant carriers in the rear seats, we had nobody sitting in the second row on the passengers side, so I did not bother to move the second-row seat back into its standard position. This in turn apparently causes a warning message when shifting into either drive or reverse (which appears to be saying this is only an issue if someone is using the seat in question). Despite being incredibly annoying when performing operations that involved switching from drive to reverse and back repeatedly (since the alert blocks the rear-view camera), I expected to live with this gripe.

However, having taken subsequent trips in the same situation, I have noticed that it does not always pop-up with each shift between drive and reverse. That is, shifting from park into reverse into drive into reverse into drive may cause the alert to show anywhere from one to four times in my experience this past week.

What is the logic that determines when this alert is shown?

3) Finally, the car continues to exhibit issues I've previously reported (8-22, no sound [including warning tones, turning indicators; first reported happening on April 3rd]; numerous MCU lock-ups; audio issues). The most recent was a display freeze at 10:57 on August 27th while travelling on the Interstate with Autopilot engaged. This resulted in no attention-checks being displayed, and eventually the screen coming back with the "Autopilot disabled the rest of this trip" indicator.

When I brought my vehicle in to address the lock-ups and other issues, I was told it was operating within its expected parameters. Either all recent Model X vehicles are having similar issues (and these might be software issues), or my vehicle is an abnormality; despite repeated informal inquiries, I've been unable to find a publicly accessible list of known defects and remediation and therefore cannot distinguish which of these is the case on my own.

a) What is the plan for rectifying the issues with my vehicle, as the "factory reset" did not resolve them?

b) Are these (transient, apparently software-related) problems unique to my Model X, or are they regular issues across vehicles manufactured during a defined time period?

c) Where can I find a list of known issues and their actual or expected resolution date?