Open Falcon-wing Doors

I got a notification that it was my turn to charge at the local energy spot, so I went out to fetch my car, only to notice that the passenger-side falcon-wing door was halfway open. This wasn't a case of the doors not self-closing, as the FWD don't do that, and I hadn't intentionally opened them. The only thing I can think of is that I accidentally triggered the doors opening as I walked away.

Other owners have since confirmed that similar issues have happened to them frequently. It's quite common for me to accidentally trigger the doors as I try to carry things into or out of the middle part of the car, but I hadn't triggered the doors just by walking. When I bought my Tesla, I bought an Apple iPhone, and with it an Apple Watch1, I no longer carry a pocket watch freeing-up the fob pocket of my jeans, making it a natural place to put the key fob. Unfortunately, the nature of the buttons on the fob make it easy to accidentally activate.

Self-Closing Doors

The doors should self close when you walk away. It shouldn't take more than about 10 seconds before they close.

It closed suitably quickly yesterday when I stopped to put the trash out. Today, it didn't close when I went to retrieve the empty garbage can, but did close as I came back to it. I had crossed near the car as I repositioned the trash can which is when it noticed me walking away (for the second time).

Later-on, I popped into the house for over a minute. When I came back, the door was still open.

This happens quite frequently at day care, where I can notice it when I go back outside to the playground.

  1. which is apparently an unsupported configuration for a Tesla, and causes intermittent issues with the vehicle's Bluetooth