Radio Silence Broken

Just over two weeks ago I scheduled my return service appointment with the local Tesla service center. The appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, and despite having sent several updates and inquiries, including as to any additional data I should be tracking to help with diagnostics after they couldn't find anything wrong during the first service appointment, I had not gotten any response (and Web support almost always just says to contact the local service station). I was surprised when, early in the morning hours of post-Thanksgiving Saturday, I got an eMail from the service center.

To their credit, the woman sending the eMail acknowledged that they had received the eMails I'd been sending, and apologized for not having addressed them. From the clarifying questions she'd asked about the issues I'd raised when scheduling the service, it was clear she hadn't gone back and read them though. Instead, she left me the job of going through the eMail I'd sent over the past four months to paste date and time of when the MCU locked-up; repeating that when I said sound not working that I meant all sound reproduction coming out of the speakers, including the warning tones; and a few other questions which made it seem like she didn't quite get the issue (such as with the doors not closing on their own in some situations).

This was a huge improvement over the previous visit, where I was never contacted ahead of time regarding the problems and we instead spent quite a bit of time translating notes online support had provided into observed issues.