Scheduled First Service

Scheduled First Service =======================

My Model X, Pensive, has its first service scheduled. I never got around to taking more photos to send them back to the service station like they had asked (I did try a couple weeks ago when my daughter was playing in the driveway, but the lighting wasn't good enough to get a usable shot), but they reached back to schedule anyway for a week from today. They offered alternative transportation, which is good, since I just got rid of my WRX. They hadn't indicated what exactly they were planning on fixing, but had acknowledged that there were a laundry list of items and that it would take a couple of days to fix and assure quality.

New Software? -------------

It does seem as if Tesla has released new software in the last month and that my car might have been locked at the previous version, perhaps pending this upcoming service appointment, or possibly because of the (as-of-yet unresponded-to) issue in which the car wanted to crash into the adjacent lane. . This makes a lot more sense than some crazy hypothesis that full-self driving might actually be closer than I thought, Even more likely, is simply that there's been some issue pulling the update over the air.