Scheduling Delivery of my Tesla Model X

Scheduling Delivery of my Tesla Model X ======================================= My voicemail led to the second eMail1 from the DS. Unfortunately, since I'd been given no guidance on delivery date, my week was getting filled-up quickly; worse, my wife's schedule is generally harder to schedule within a week. The combination of this meant we had exactly two days left in March where we had availability, Sunday the 25th and one hour in the morning on Friday the 30th.

A voicemail Friday afternoon indicated they did not do deliveries on Sunday, which left us with our one-hour slot on Friday. This second eMail gave us our first date for availability, from Tuesday on-ward, and with the most availability on Thursday the 29th. It acknowledges we wanted a delivery on the 30th, but not whether that was possible (or even, specifically, our one hour of availability). It also asked for a copy of my wife's license, but since this isn't requested on-line, it isn't clear how it wants to receive it. For what it's worth, the DS doesn't list a fax number in his signature. Asking on-line, this level of communication seems to be, if not common, at least not uncommon. Some people reported their DS suggesting using SMS; for the record, my DS only provided the service center's phone number rather than a personal or direct line.

I responded to the eMail; again requesting information on the final payment, and again pointing-out that I no longer planned to trade-in a car. I followed-up with a phone call over the weekend, leaving a voicemail as the delivery center was closed. Optimistically, I blocked-out Friday morning, but I was losing confidence that we'd get that date. My mind was beginning to wonder whether we'd get the 1.49% APR wich we'd repeatedly indicated was a key element to the timing of our purchase. Frustrated I priced-out a GLS 550 and a GLS AMG 63, the two of which, at MSRP, nicely straddled the Model X we had configured. With a purported redesign coming-out sometime this year, those were looking promising (in brilliant metallic blue).

  1. my only communication from the delivery specialist has been the first eMail