Second Day: Qi but not Sound

Day two, and despite a layer of New England grime already coating the Model X, it hasn't lost the new EV shine. Just after 6am I turned-on the climate setting from the Tesla App and unlocked the charging port. Driving-off I thought something seemed different, but it wasn't until I tried to play The Economist that I realized there was no sound. No music, no chimes, no nothing.

Eventually, I pulled over to a side road and looked-up suggestions. Apparently this has been a not unheard of issue, predating the Model X with reported issues with the Model S. The suggestion there was to press the two scroll-wheels for ten seconds to trigger an MCU reset (a Tesla forum post by Kevin on July 19, 2017 is the most concise summary of reboot methods). None of the reboot methods worked, short of doing so through the e-brake menu option. After the computer came back on-line, everything worked again, with both the sound and the shakiness of my confidence in Tesla restored.


Qi charger

Tesla sells a Quick Connect Mobile Dock, although this doesn't sound like it would work with a case (especially a folio case). With two front-facing USB ports easily accessible (in fact, the same ports used by the Tesla dock), the easiest solution seemed to be a small Qi charger. Searching online, several less than 100mm diameter (~4") and powered by a micro-USB cable were available for about $20. I picked one in a wood decor not too dissemalar from the natural ash in the car, although anything used would barely be visible. Presto, an Apple iPhone X can just fit: connect via Bluetooth, and charge via Qi from inside its case.

iPhone X on Qi charger

Charging an iPhone X wireless in my Model X