Second Tesla Service Appointment

I'm currently in the process of dropping-off my car at the Tesla service center, and the process is so far significantly improved over the experience I had last time. An interesting tidbit I learned was that, even though their mail filtering service, Proof Point, had actually rejected the mail from the address I'd originally been using with Tesla, the service center was actually getting the messages.

Charlene, the woman who had sent the service appointment message introduced herself when she overhead me checking-in. She had apparently been updating my appointment notes with my responses and seemed on-top of my concerns, even if the general scene was busy. There were a few people in the showroom, but it seemed like most of the action was on the service side.

The most pleasant surprise this time was that there was an Enterprise employee managing loaner vehicles this time, and in a very smooth manner (I only had 15 minutes to make a coffee, sit down, and begin this post). He scanned my license, which brought-up my National profile (owned by Enterprise) and handed me a moderately-used, but very clean, Nissan QX60. The three-row mid-sized SUV was a big step-up from the Model S loaner I had last time.