Service Center Reaches Out

Surprisingly, I got an eMail from the Service Center today; specifically, the gentleman I talked to about the due bill last week. Doubly surprisingly, it was regarding the issue I reported about my GPS fix not updating.

I responded that this specific issue was no longer happening to the degree which it had that day, but there were still several other outstanding issues that had not been addressed either. Moreover, since 2018.20, app connectivity to the car has been intermittent at best. On Sunday, I reset the car, which restored communication for a couple of days, but Thursday the problems returned. I tried resetting the car three times today to no avail. Occassionally, the car and app communicate, and the app can get a status update, but never in such a way that the app thinks that it can control the car (such as setting target charge for the battery, or turning on climate controls).