Tesla 2019.20.4.2: Turning the curve, and refreshed menu icons

For a while, it seemed like my Model X, Pensive, was not getting software updates. The new option to be in the first group to receive updates seems to have changed that, with 2019.20.1 and 2019.20.2.1 having rolled-out to my car soon after, and on June 22nd, updating again to 2019.20.4.2. Despite the last three releases sharing the 2019.20 prefix1, there are a few differences noticeable in the new release which makes the rapid releases a little surprising.

It's always hard to categorically describe changes in AutoSteer (AutoPilot), since there are so many variables that go into each decision. Based on experience using AutoPilot in a handful of familiar situations, I try to document the changes I see between software updates. The current version, for instance has much looser lane keeping, to the point that it is often entering the on-coming lane2. At the same time, it has stopped the dangerous practice of handing back control at the worst moment. Remarkably, it was even successful in following the road around the curve I described in my 2019.12.1 post without any lead car present.

The seemingly random deceleration in 2019.12.1 also appears to have stopped happening as a common occurrence.

Web Browser

There's a bug in render select (dropdown) boxes in the Tesla Web Browser.

The options are rendering rotated 90° clockwise, and at the top of the browser. I had not noticed it until this version, but as 2019.12.1 had the last major Web browser update, I'm assuming this bug was introduced then.

Web browser

The select box renders way at the top of the window, and rotated.

Tesla 2019.20.4.2 Release Notes

The release notes indicate that the adjustable brightness on the central screen better handles changes in the ambient light; I honestly haven't noticed a difference. Likewise I haven't played anything from the TeslAtari games, such as Beach Buggy Racing 2 mentioned in the release notes. I simply don't spend a lot of time in my car when I'd be able to play any of the games. Partially for this reason, I'm not fond of adding a link to the toolbox from the application launcher, since this effectively makes it harder to select one of the other items which are more useful.

Tesla Launcher

The Tesla launcher updated for 2019.20.4.2

Dog Mode actually added push notifications in an earlier release (2019.20.1 I think), but I hadn't mentioned them. If your car drops below 20% battery with Dog Mode enabled, rather than simply shutting-off, your car will start sending push notifications to the Tesla app on your mobile devices, warning you about the battery level.

  1. generally indicating a release from the 20th week of 2019

  2. This isn't entirely new, but is happening much more regularly and much more egregiously under 2019.20.4.2.