Tesla 2019.24; Start-me-up…or just reboot

The latest update for my Model X, Pensive's software provides a generally improved autopilot experience; specifically 2019.24 seems a little less likely to release Autopilot at the worst possible time, as the car is at what should be the turn's apex and it's most crucial that the vehicle is under control. Along this vein, the current software version seems to be a little better around turns where it used to have problems, no longer seeming like it wants to send me colliding with a tree1 Oddly, the most recent versions of Autopilot tended to steer back into the turn just a little bit before releasing control, presumably putting the car back in the direction it should be going; but that behaviour is now gone.

The doors don't seem to be acting-up like before2; but the sensors seem more sensitive: the doors are less likely to fully open.

There's an annoying new software bug with 2019.24: sentry exclusions aren't working. This has meant the car waking-up as anyone walked through the garage, as well as the side-effects that sentry brings: increased energy usage and unwanted in the USB drive storing clips.

219 Sentry Events

Sentry exclusions seem to be busted.

Another, seemingly one-off quirk, was that the start-up notice wouldn't go away after the update until I performed a soft-reboot3.

  1. Driving the Model X with Autopilot continues to remind me of a bit on BBC's Top Gear, where Richard Hammond explains that rear wheel cars are better, because you won't see the tree they'll inevitably send you crashing into; with Autopilot, like understeering front wheel cars, you will have plenty of opportunity to see the tree into which you will crash.

  2. The annual service addressed this by replacing the batteries in the fob

  3. steering wheel two-button hold