Tesla 2019.28.2—More of the same

Recently my Model X, Pensive, upgraded itself to version 2019.28.2 of Tesla's software. Originally, I started writing this to discuss what has changed, and to report that my car has actually been issue free since upgrading from 2019.24, which did require a soft reboot, but even that is a significant departure from the roughly daily issues of the its first year.

Call Tsla

Then, of course, there was some acting-up, in the form of the emergency break disabling itself. This had happened once before, and Tesla support was completely unhelpful in providing information as to what would cause it, but after a full power cycle it was once again working.

Emergency breaking disabled

Other than that, 2019.28.2 has mostly similar behaviour as recent versions have had. It has improved lane holding, by virtual of an increased willingness to slip out of the lane when necessary (unfortunately, even when there's on-coming traffic). It is again more likely to make wrong choices at certain T-intersections where it loses track of which way the current road continues.

T intersection

One such intersection causing confusion for AutoPilot

The doors continue be more sensitive since service; they still sometimes do not open (potentially because of some poorly implemented debounce logic?), and taking a few steps before turning back can have them slam on you.