Tesla Model X Delivery

59 days after placing our order, 53 days after getting a VIN assigned, and 25 days after having been built; we arrived at the Tesla store for our 9am delivery. We arrived about ten minutes early, so sauntered to the service center door wondering if they'd be open. We were greeted before we got to the door by an employee driving a car around, and he said he'd let our delivery specialist know that we were there. A few minutes later, a gentleman came out from a back room, extended his hand and introduced himself. He indicated that our delivery specialist was still on his way into work, and directed us over to the delivery area to fill-out paperwork.

Paperwork took about 40 minutes, although half of that involved some back-and-forth with the registry paperwork. Initially, it listed my wife's height 7" shorter than normal. When they updated my mailing list, they neglected to write the full town name and miscopied the postal code. Finally correct, they sent it off to the state system; thirty minutes later, they'd apologize again because not my wife's, but only my, information made it through to the state's motor vehicle registry, meaning they'd need to request an audit and I'd need to download and print-out an updated registry from home.


After signing the forms I'd alrady seen and read online, about 45 minutes into delivery, the gentleman returned with a black box, save a stripe of red peaking through a cut-out where the box opens. Handing me the box, we walked outside to find our new car and perform the walkaround as it began to rain. We noted some smudges (including on the synthetic suede) and scratches (near the front USB port), but the largest issues were a defective rivet keeping the back of a 3rd row seat attached, and a large gash in the side of the driverside door. Asking me about our timing, they said they could take it around to the service bay and take a look as to whether it'd be a 15 minute task or an hour task. Since we had an appointment not too far away, we told them to take it for the hour and we'd pick it up on the way back.

We took a little time from that point to pack-up our things and get to our old car; and shortly before we were going to head-out the delivering agent came up to me and explained that they'd finished their inspection and that they'd need to order parts for both the driver-side door and for the rear seats. He indicated the car had been left at the Superchargers.

We decided to take the Model X and leave our older car in the parking lot until we returned. This happened to coïncide with a break in the rain, and a sudden appearance of the sun poking through the clouds. The sun coming through the massive window showed the Monroney Sticker still on the expansive dashboard. Pulling that off, it looked like something else was being reflected, but nothing else appeared to be on the dashboard, nor was the dashboard the cause. Stopped at a traffic light, with time to examine it, it appeared to be an approximately 6" scratch almost vertically in the glass, seemingly in-between layers. I couldn't feel any scratch on the inside surface, and from what I could tell, nothing was visible on the outside. Making a mental note to bring it up when we got back after our appointment, we continued on.

The Tesla Experience

On one hand, we're just beginning our Tesla Experience: ownership, service, even the due bill from delivery. On the other hand, we've taken ownership of the vehicle, which concludes what was a surprisingly involved process. Looking back, parts of the experience can be grouped into the good, the bad, and the simply unexpected if not downright weird.

The Good

  • Communication with the Owner Advisor (salesman) was great

  • Issues at delivery were handled quickly and without issue. Problems raised were dealt with quickly, and it did feel like the delivery team wanted to make sure everything was in good condition.

  • The food spread in the delivery area was OK, especially the cheese danish, although it wasn't out until the end of our delivery, and wasn't exceptional.

The Bad

  • Status along the way was poorly communicated. There was no way to be pushed alerts or status; no target delivery date.

  • Delivery specialist did not respond to any eMail. This is despite Tesla providing only the delivery specialist's eMail address for communication post-purchase. It seems many people got around this online by continuing to communicate through their OA and in some cases getting the DS' mobile number from the OA.

  • A gash in the driver's door and a lose back to 3rd row were pretty obvious issues; I shouldn't have needed to highlight these.

  • After the service team investigated the raised issues, my key fob was returned with chips in the plastic. Even more surprising, there were new blue marks on the driver's seat and black marks on the 2nd row seat behind the driver. The detailer cleaned the marks on the seat, but my brand new key fob wouldn't be fixed so quickly.

The Unexpected

  • Most surprising in the expierence was the experience with the DS. I never directly spoke with him, and he never responded to any eMail I sent. As far as I know, he wasn't even in the Tesla store the day we took delivery (he never introduced himself, even if he was there).

  • I would have thought Tesla would have jumped at a request to upgrade from the 100D to the P100D prior to production. Apparently that's too much for Tesla's supply line within a fortnight of the start of production.

  • In general, communication could be improved pretty much the whole way around. This even carried over to delivery. We thought the car would be in service for an hour, we planned to go to our appointment in the car from which we came, only to be give our car back as we were about to leave (and be told we'd be charged idle fees if we didn't move it).