Tesla Platooning under 2018.42.2

I've been a combination of surprised and impressed that the Tesla Autopilot system hasn't been more biased towards following vehicles in front of it. My standard test road is one location which has demonstrated this, although with 2018.42.2, it seems like it is more willing to follow vehicles in front of it without other stronger signs, essentially forming platooning. This allowed my Model X, Pensive, to best its previous performance by a solid margin, making it almost a mile down the road on Autosteering (over 500 yards without lane markings) and without human intervention, at speed.

When I went to save the dashcam footage, I noticed the dashcam icon was missing. Apparently they haven't fixed all of the bugs. It came back on a later trip, so it seems like they've made improvements; but alas, to misquote Heraclitus, the only thing consistent with Tesla is inconsistency. It is also only fair to point-out that there was no on-coming traffic throughout the drive, and that the car did feel free to use the width of the road generously as a result.