Tesla v10 is rolling-out

Last week, Tesla v10 began rolling-out to a wider subset of select vehicle owners. The criteria appears to be full-self-driving enabled MCU2 vehicles which have opted-in to early updates; other users will need to wait a little longer. My car notified me the update was available, and still does every time I get into my car, because you need to connect to WiFi in order to download the larger-than-normal update.

Unfortunately, my Model X, Pensive, doesn't like my home network. My principal network is a WPA2 Enterprise network, which it turns-out Tesla's cars don't support1. There are a few interesting advancements that have been announced, but there's one in particular about which I'm interested.


Back when we were looking at the Volvo XC90 rather than the Model X, I had expected that we'd be getting a Spotify subscription as it integrated with the vehicle. When we switched to Tesla, I figured I'd give the included Slacker service a try, but ended-up using Bluetooth to stream while that worked2.

Since we'd switched to Apple devices, we went with Apple Music. Apple did a few things well with Apple Music, and they mostly focus on integrating the experience with Apple devices. There are a lot of things that don't work well with Apple Music, such as trying to play some albums.

For whatever reason, some albums are inexplicably split across multiple entries in Apple Music (e.g. odd tracks on one album, even tracks on another, identically named, album). Some tracks are missing, some tracks are repeated for unexplained reasons.

Slacker has its share of usability issues, and listening to music in my car is only a minority usage anyway. The lack of being able to define custom playlists or consistently choosing specific songs is a big drawback when you're fielding song requests from a three-year-old.

Hulu and Netflix

These would have been useful on our recent trip to Niagara and back, allowing us to stream some cartoons during supercharging stops to keep our oldest entertained. In practice, though, this seems like it'd be better suited for the Model 3 with its landscape-oriented central screen, than it will be fore the older Model X and Model S cars.

Advanced Summon

Tesla moved messaging directly into the configurator regarding their Advanced Summon feature early in the year, but it was not until V10 that the feature is actually being made available to more than just a small selection of beta testers. I'm curious to see how well this handles in the real-world; I'm also excited that the Homelink button returns to the app. I'm not sure when it disappeared, but I recall looking for it at some point over the past year in order to close my garage, and noticed it was no longer present.

  1. Tesla listed this limitation in 2019, in Q1 of 2018 they advertised general WPA2 support

  2. until Tesla figured-out the problem with the audio during the second service appointment