Third Time Lucky for my Model X, Pensive

Tesla only held my Model X, Pensive, for a week this third appointment; impressively, when I picked-it up from the busy service desk at 07:15 this morning, I found that it hadn't suffered a factory reset, and that they claimed to have identified the problem had to do with the clock synching, and that they had provided a local fix ahead of an updated firmware version (supposedly 2019.02). The service center confirmed that there were other cars that were suffering similar issues.

They were unable to reproduce or resolve the issues with the falcon wing door, and I neglected to remind them of the A-pillar lining needing to be fixed. Way back when we took delivery, we were told to wait 30 days for our account to indicate that we had the first two annual services included. Subsequent inquiries via eMail never received a response on the matter, but following-up after today's service (as we close in on the one-year mark) confirmed that there was no credit indicated on my account. Apparently they had shifted systems at some point, and the indication might no longer be visible on the Tesla account page, but neither system indicated the service was attached to the vehicle. Nevertheless, after forwarding the eMail from the owner advisor, he confirmed he'd added the annotation to my account. As the car comes back in a a month or so, we'll confirm that, and hopefully wrap-up the situation with the A-pillar.

Despite discussing it, we never scheduled a mobile service apointment to address the odd behaviour with the location-aware garage opening/closing, so that too is something left to be resolved. Supposing the on-going lock-ups are now resolved, I'll count this visit as a win, and look forward to not needing to plan to fill a tank with petrol..