Trying Web Support

Trying Web Support ==================

I'd exchanged eMails with my Owner Advisor for the previous issues I'd experienced, so I figured that I'd try a different route with the new issues. If you log into your Tesla account, you can reach Web support regarding either general issues or a specific vehicle on your account.

I had started to play with the Web browser not too long ago. One thing I've noticed is that after the car's been running for a while, the Web browser stops working. When this happens, release notes and the user manual also stop working which indicate to me that the latter two use HTML and all three share the same rendering component. After just living with this for a while, I recalled the Tesla account had a form for contacting support, decided to give it a try and finally report the issue.

A quick search on-line indicated that this was a common problem with MCU2 vehicles (those delivered from March 2018 onwards). As somebody who put quite a bit of money in, not to mention faith in it being safe, not being told what are known issues and what is changing between updates is upsetting. Since getting the car in March, I have never seen the release notes change, despite clear differences in fortnightly updates. I included an inquiry along the lines of a published errata: I'll report back on a response, but I don't expect much.