Two Updates!

A couple of updates today! First, my Model X, Pensive showed an alert that there was a new software update! I'd never updated software in a car before, so this was a new experience. The second update was from Tesla's electric installers. But first, an update on the car's latest quirk. The central screen has started freezing, although the car itself and the MCU processor do continue to keep working. That has meant that the MCU eventually starts processing events. One of the first, and annoying, occurrences was when I wanted to get out of the car, so I tried opening several of the doors from the doors panel in the controls menu. After about a dozen seconds of inactivity, I opened the driver's door via the handle and started to get out; at this point the car started processing the earlier events from the central screen, began opening the other doors, and slammed the driver's door back onto me.

First Software Update

When the car receives notification of a software update, it alerts you by adding an old-timey alarm-clock icon into the status bar. Tapping it brings-up a dialog for selecting when to install the update (install now will start a two-minute count down allowing you to cancel, or get everyone safely out of the car before the baryon sweep starts; or at least before the falcon-wing doors lock). The instructions suggest being plugged-in during the update, but I don't think the actually draws power during the upgrade (but needs to have enough power to make it through safely). When I got into my car in the morning, I didn't notice anything different, so I went looking for the release notes, which were unchanged from when I first picked-up my Model X leading to an underwhelming experience. I'd expected to see a list of wonderful new things and bug fixes; instead I was told that I could now open the trunk from the Tesla App, just like I could last week.

Charger Update

I also heard back from Tesla's Electric Installers. When it reached two weeks since getting confirmation that they'd received the site-assesment, I'd begun to think this was another form that got dropped into the circular bin. I got an introduction letter from one of the installers telling me to expect a document to sign; the latter was an HTML eMail linking to a document to sign with a single field after a price list. The cost was reasonable considering the distance from the circuit breaker I provided in the assessment.