Why you need to have an EV chat channel at work

EV Owners chat log

A dedicated EV-owners chat channel isn't just a place for its members to complain about bugs in the Chargepoint app, or ICEd 1 charging spots. They also know about all of the quirks of every Tesla driver's vehicle–who has the Tesla with a battery that doesn't hold a charge, who has the Tesla whose auto pilot needs 90-degree turns-of-acknowledgement2 to placate the hands-on-wheels acknowledgement, and who has the Tesla whose doors are open. When someone posts in a noisy room, they're the ones will know where to find you:

Office-wide chat log

This is not the same issue that I used to routinely see with the auto-closing doors on the Model X not closing. In those instances, I was relying on the car to recognize that I'd walked-away, and the fob was no longer present. In this case, I actually had both front doors open, as I was retrieving my bag from the driver side. I used the key fob to close-all doors, saw the doors move, heard a thud, and continued walking away.

Only, apparently the driver side door didn't actually close. Occasionally the soft-close feature hasn't worked when I manually tried closing the door, but clicking the fob always worked. Lately, the inverse operation has also been a nuisance: I would open the door from the handle, and it would swing back to the quarter-open point as I was stepping out3.

  1. spots reserved for EV or hybrid charging, but being taken-up by a non-charging vehicle with an internal combustion engine

  2. TOA

  3. This is reminiscent of early days with the car, but more frequent, and now the doors aren't closing all of the way.