With Autopilot Off, Tesla Just Tried to Ram a Cyclist

There was a cyclist, and enough space to pass on the left, so as one does, I moved over to pass, accelerating to be able to get back around with enough distance to clear the cyclist and ahead of on-coming traffic that was now heading in the opposite lane. The Tesla's forward collision warning began to beep, understandably, but with a few more feed to go before I'd be able to see the Cyclist in the rear-view, I kept on the left lane. Suddenly, and surprisingly, the Model X actually tried to swerve hard to the right, much as it did when it tried to ram a car on my way to work.

The difference, this time, was that the car was not under AutoPilot control. This caught me by surprise, as even though the settings indicate warning tones and emergency breaking, I don't see any options regarding taking over control of steering. The possibility that the car might decide at any given time to try and over-rule affirmative input decisions is unsettling.