Wrapping-up and Scheduling with the Delivery Specialist

Wrapping-up and Scheduling with the Delivery Specialist ======================================================= Now that Tesla's site had indicated that my Model X had been in-transit for about a week, having not gotten any additional updates, and my request for Tesla's trade-in valuation of my WRX still pending, I replied to my delivery specialist's eMail. Growing impatient with not getting an estimate for my car after a month, I indicated that I wouldn't be trading-in the vehicle but would instead handle it privately. I indicated that I'd updated my paperwork on the site (uploaded a scan of my license), and I asekd for an estimated delivery date.

I'm surprised by a few things:

  1. that I haven't received any proactive status updates (I need to manually log-in and check on my account page)

  2. that my trade-in valuation has been pending for over a month

  3. with 16 days left before my financing terms expire, I haven't received any update on delivery timetable